The Love Tee (Adult)

The Love Tee (Adult)

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Buy a tee. Build a home. Meet the LOVE tee.

$5 of each tee purchased is given to New Story - a young, vibrant US-based charity committed to building homes for families who live in the slums of some of the world’s most poor and underserved countries. 
New Story partners with local craftsmen to construct homes for just $6,000. Their model is incredible because it allows families living in some of the world's most unsafe places an opportunity to begin a new story - to own land, and for the first-time have a lock (and sometimes even a door) for the first time. Read more at

Every step of making this tee is taken with intentionality. Guided. Thoughtful. And designed with meaning. From ethically sourced cotton spun with practices rich in integrity. To hand screen-printed processes with eco-friendly inks.  All crafted one-by-one in small batches for the highest quality. But the best story about the tee isn’t the steps that made it. It’s the steps that are made as a result of you bringing this tee into your life and home. This shirt begins a new story for another family in need.

The love tee is a US-made, sweatshop-free, classic tri-blend t-shirt, featuring short, hemmed sleeves and a crew-neck neckline. This tee is incredibly soft and comfy - and we're sure it will become your new favorite.

(Looking for the kid version of the love tee?)

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