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Hello!  Back at it again after an eternity of quiet around here.  The husband and I are basically coming up for air – and for the first time in awhile it seems we just might tread the waters of life for awhile without gasping and wildly flailing our arms.

Our sweet and precious girls sort of threw us for a loop the last 15 months, and I have to say I’m pretty proud that we’re around to tell the tale of the last almost year and a half.  We love those sweet little blue and brown eyes so immensely – they are the cherry on top of our little family and add just a little more chaos than we usually feel capable of handling, ha!  It has become our new normal to have two sets of twins, but we are constantly reminded that it’s not normal at all to most people.  Wide eyes, open mouths, interesting quotes (“is that even possible??”) – we get it all on an almost daily basis, and every stare is a little reminder that what we’ve been given is extra special.  

This little blog has been through a lot of phases, and I have to say I think the best one is yet to come.  I’ve gone back and forth in my mind about whether it’s even worth it to write because there is certainly speculation about the survival of the blog world in general; and I don’t have an answer.  But I truly believe that when something just keeps sitting on your heart, you have to go with it.

So I’m back for more.  And with a lot of stories to tell honestly.  It has weighed heavily on me for months – the lack of storytelling in my life.  I once heard someone say (in reference to the blog world)  – “if you don’t tell about it, then did it really happen?”  And to be blunt, I couldn’t disagree with anything more.  Sometimes the moments we keep bottled up within us are the most special.  There are often moments I am with the kids that I know will be imprinted in my heart forever – and those are the ones I want to share the least as they are just too sacred to let them out of that space between them and their mama and daddy.

But! At the same time, stories are supposed to be told!  The ability to record our stories is such a treasure, and it’s so important to me that our little ones have nuggets of their history, their day-to-day.  I love seeing the joy and pride in the twins’ faces when they watch an old family video – they treasure being able to relive those moments of their lives.

My dream for this space is to share our story – and to intertwine that story with our hopes and aspirations of the future – for our family, our home,  our business.  I love sharing in other social media outlets, but I often find myself wishing for something more at the end of the day.  So here I am.  I hope you’ll come along and say hello:)

photos by ElyFair

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