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I think all moms, whether working outside the home, staying at home, working from home - doesn't matter - all moms have moments of feeling overwhelmed or low on mojo.  Staying at home with four kiddos under five, I am in constant need of inspiration and a little (big) extra boost to get me through the day.  While I find so much joy in spending time with them and love catching all the little moments of their also gets lonely, frustrating and overwhelming at various points throughout the day.  

But with the last day of preschool falling this week, I have been reminded of how fleeting this time with our little ones is and how important it is to do whatever we can to thrive in our days and be the best we can be for them (and ourselves!)...even in the most challenging moments of the day.  So!  I reached out to some lovely mamas from our Love Well Community and the following are some mantras they shared that they focus on when the going gets tough or they just need a little bit of encouragement: 


Lindsay H. shared the below quote, which she reads at her kitchen sink every day.  She said, "what draws me to it is the reminder to be thankful for each day and whatever it brings."
Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are.  Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart.  Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow. 
 -- Mary Jean Iron

 "Real courage is moving forward when the outcome is uncertain" is something that my husband and I have always said to each other. We tried for 3 1/2 years to get pregnant with our first, Ezra, and Lucy came just 17 months after him. We fought infertility and prayed for them for such a long time. We knew we were meant to have these babies, and even before they were here, we trusted and believed that God would deliver. 
-- Amanda R.

"One of the things I tell myself almost daily is - I am the only one who was chosen to be mama to these two boys. When I get overwhelmed by their constant needs it helps me to take a deep breath and remember that I was entrusted with these two specific little boys for a reason, and they were given me for specific reasons as well. It immediately helps me refocus and my priorities fall right back into place."
-- Callae D.

I try to remind myself to not just survive motherhood but to thrive. I don't ever want my kids to feel like they're an afterthought or burden but that'll they're gifts and that I WANT to spend time with them. I was also given some great advice recently to show my family that it brings me JOY to serve them. While it's often overwhelming and hard to be a full time mom, it's also my greatest joy so I want to make sure my actions show that to those I love most.
--Tara S.

Newly a mother of two my life is in a transition phase. I have been full time working as a Social Worker focused in homeless services for years and now I am a SAHM. I think my mantras will cross over, but only time will tell. I often say to myself two phrases when times get hard "I'm calm, I'm confident, I'm capable" or "Lord have mercy on me."

With my new babe only 2 months old and this being my last child I keep finding myself looking at her just thinking "I am grateful." Gratitude really builds up my stamina for later when she's keeping me up all night!
-- Haley P.

You are enough.
-- Jackson T.

"Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of god may not be something you do but someone you raise."
-- Andy Stanley
"Children are not a distraction from more important work .They are the most important work." 
-- C.S. Lewis
-- Jenn T.

 If I could have mantras posted all over they would remind me that one day my child will eat more than 10-12 things, that there are other mothers that have untidy houses and that feel inadequate, that it's ok to rock the straight out of bed look, that I'm not the only person that has a child who challenges them daily/hourly, but overall, I would post something like this:

YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND YOU ARE AWESOME's amazing, stressful and overall the most precious adventure I've encountered. I've never had so much fun, been so frustrated and experienced some serious lows, but even with the lowest of lows...I know I'm not alone and that I'm an awesome mother/wife/daughter/human...even though there are days I feel the complete opposite and don't believe it.
If you're just now beginning your motherhood journey or you're brand new or you're a seasoned professional...remember you're not alone and you're awesome.
-- Lindsey L.

My mama mantra is "they will only be this little for today!" Every time I stress out because the house isn't clean or I want to do something instead of lie down with my toddler until he falls asleep or I get frustrated with him because he isn't doing what he should be doing, I stop and remember that tomorrow he will be a day older, and I will never get this time with him again. The dishes can wait, the alone time will come later, and he is probably more frustrated than I am that he can't express himself since he's a tiny person with big emotions that he can't handle. So I try to take a deep breath and think about the overwhelming love I have for this little guy and that he has for me. Especially with number two almost here, I know I will treasure every snuggle and kiss and minute of special time I got just with him. 
-- Reem O.

Reading through these brought on the tears for me (I'm a little over emotional this week;)...but also made me feel so grateful to be a mama and inspired to be a better mama tomorrow!  I hope it offers the same inspiration to you, and would love to hear daily mantra ideas from you in the comments!

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