Love Well Handmade for West Elm (Part I: The Call)

I'm pretty sure we'll never forget the call from Mo Mullen and the incredibly kind West Elm LOCAL team on that fateful February afternoon. While we had been working with the good folks at West Elm for about two years to launch our curated line of home goods for the Oklahoma City and Tulsa stores, this call felt different. It was a little too out of the blue and was shrouded in enough mystery that I was half scared they were going to insist we pack our bags and find a different partner;  the other half was keeping my fingers crossed in excitement of what could be next.

I had slipped away to a Starbucks parking lot across the street to take the call, opting to stay in the car so as not to add coffee grinders as background noise, and Candice was 10 miles away, occupying the kids in another room long enough to sneak away for the conference call. Mo kicked things off by asking what we've been up to lately since the second set of twins arrived - we laughed about the latest antics from this crazy time of life and how we'd stayed afloat this year mainly because our rockstar employees kept things humming while we juggled our family's added priorities.  The small talk continued and our nerves grew until the news was dropped...

Mo: "So... we think the Love Well design aesthetic is ready for the national platform!"

This is the point in the conversation that I thought I was going to pass out.

Back to Mo: "We'd love for you to design a series of pillows and prints for cities across the US - what do you think?!"

Us in unison: "Oh my gosh, are you kidding?!?! Of course, we would love to!"

I still can't believe they decided to take a chance on our little brand by giving us such an incredible platform to create. Over the next few weeks we worked to design an assortment for seven cities: Brooklyn, Miami, Boston, Philly, Austin, Dallas and of course Oklahoma.  

As much as this initial call with the LOCAL team was truly a dream come true, this past week saw us through another one... roughly six months later to the date. Our series of 7 pillows and 21 prints are now live on .

We hope you love our Love Well City Collection as much as we loved creating it, which by the way we've have more details on this coming soon in part II.

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