The Gift Guide for Dad + First Peek at Our New Dad + Baby Bundle!

Jon likes to make fun of me a little because I love getting gifts.  I guess I feel a little childish to enjoy them so much, but I just can't help it.  I feel especially loved when I receive a gift that I didn't expect, one that I can tell took some thought and intention to pick out.  Because I feel so loved when on the receiving end, I also find so much joy in giving them too.  But it can't be just anything...I want it to be perfect. Something that will make the person I love feel warm inside and that will say "I know you and think you will love this!" The problem is sometimes I look and look for ages before finding that one thing that is just right.  Anyone else?? 

With Father's Day a couple weeks away, I've been spending some time scouring all our favorite independent shops looking for the perfect gift for all the dads in our family.  Many of these are from some of our favorite local shops around OKC. But for those of you across the country, no fear! All these picks are also available on their online stores too. Happy shopping!



1. Worthwhile Paper Father’s Day Card from The Social Club, $5
2. Stagg Kettle + Jasmine Pearl Tea from Woodshed Tea, $65+
3. The Dada Tee + Baby Onesie Bundle from Love Well Handmade, $48 set
4. Do What You Love Print from Ugmonk, $26
5. Harry’s Razors - Winston Shave Set from Shop Good, $30
6. OKLA Black Wool Adjustable Hat from Just OK, $39
7. Aftershave Tonic from Trade Mensware, $18
8. Jack Card Wallet from Simpleton Goods, $40

Would love to hear your favorites in the comments or any unique gift ideas you have up your sleeve!

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