Behind the scenes filming with West Elm


The last couple of weeks have been such a whirlwind!  Having filmed the West Elm video back in May, it has been a waiting game to see it come out. If you haven't seen it yet, take a look :)


Considering the amount of chaos that encompassed the month/week/morning leading up the film crew's arrival, we were pleasantly surprised that all appeared calm and at least not completely crazy.  If you follow us on instagram, you may know that we bought a house and moved about three weeks before West Elm came to town.  It was a last minute move in that we stumbled upon this old white house, completely fell in love, put our current house up for sale, sold it and went under contract in less than a month!  While our new place is the vision of our dream house, it also happens to be a 1920s fixer-upper in need of quite a bit of work. Seeing as how our home was going to be filmed three weeks after we moved, we decided no major projects would take place before film day. But if you've ever bought a fixer upper, you know to never to say never:) What started as a plan to have some friends over to help us paint walls and trim turned into hiring some help to tear down a wall and getting self educated of the efficiency yet insane mess of using a paint sprayer.

Needless to say, filming week found our dining room, kitchen and office looking as if Chip and JoJo had just vacated moments after demo day. But with our lifesaving family swooping in to help take care of the kiddos and multiple all nighters with some amazing friends' help, the last light switch plate was screwed back on just hours before the cameras rolled.  

Not only did the house projects have us scrambling, but with four kids under four, there was a lot to be juggled.  Such as the twins gymnastics recital, which I didn't remember until the week before was on day one of filming (we were lucky that the West Elm crew were some of the sweetest, most patient people ever). Friday morning was spent cheering on Linc and Viv (and taking a million videos of course:) and then racing back to the house, medals in hand, to sweep floors, clean up the front porch and Jon stashing every unpacked box in the garage (oh wait, those are still there:).  We got ready just in time to see camera equipment and four people (dressed mostly in black) walking up our front porch steps.

Behind the Scenes West Elm Local Video

From the moment the production team arrived we felt at ease.  There is something a little intimidating about a film crew from Brooklyn coming to your house, but the nerves completely faded away.  They kicked off their shoes on the porch, walked in the front door and immediately befriended not only us, but all four of the kiddos.  Linc and Viv were instantly won over by Cat and Amanda (Art Director & Associate Producer) and still talk about them now.  The entire rest of the day basically felt like we were just hanging out, playing and doing all the things we love to do around the city.  

Andrew David Watson, Director / Behind the Scenes West Elm Local Video

We were booked pretty tightly for two days straight, which I had thought could get exhausting, but actually was like a little mini vacation showing off our favorite spots!  The shops and vendors we work with here in the city truly have become some of our favorite people and best friends.  I will admit things might have gotten a little too real when filming the ice cream scene in the Plaza District.  It was actually Eloise and Violet's first time to ever taste ice cream and they liked it just a little bit (insert sarcasm). What you can't tell on screen is that it was literally 100 degrees outside and Amanda had walked the ice cream several blocks down the street from Roxy's, so it was melting all over the place, and we were all covered in it by the time it was all over.  But obviously Roxy's is always worth it no matter the mess.  And those shots are one of my  favorite parts of the video because they're so us.  Real life with four little ones is a total mess most days:)

Oklahoma City Plaza District / Behind the Scenes West Elm Local Video

After watching the video, my mom commented that everything looked so much more refined on the video than it actually did that day.  And she had a point.  But one thing I love about photos and videos is that they can capture and highlight the sweetest moments that might normally pass you by unnoticed. Viv's little nod to daddy while enjoying her sucker.  Linc's intense focus while helping mama sew.  The moment between Violet and Jon when he's swinging her on the porch. Just a few of the captured moments that remind me of the amazing beauty of everyday life.  We're so thankful to have them recorded so we can remember them forever.

Humbled and joyful are two words that perfectly express how we feel toward all of you who have supported us and celebrated with us these last few weeks!  This experience has been so sweet, but everybody sharing in it with us made it all the sweeter. 

And finally a huge thank you to the kind-hearted folks at West Elm who packed their bags and showed up on our doorstep to tell our story. It is an understatement to say they have given us an incredible gift, and throughout this journey it's been evident how intent and passionate they are about cultivating the local maker community. Love and hugs to everyone on the West Elm LOCAL team.

The Drake Oklahoma City / Behind the Scenes West Elm Local Video

THE CREW (L-R) Andrew David Watson (Director), Cat Dunn (Art Director), Raymond Morse (Production Assistant), Daniel & Callae Daily (dear friends! Callae is also our lead seamstress), us, Bill Vietenheimer (West Elm OKC Shopkeeper) & Amanda Justice (Producer) at The Drake in OKC.


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