An Open Letter to the Love Well Family

McCoy Family Oklahoma CityThis Friday, 9.30.16, starts a new chapter for Love Well, and we wanted to share the news first with you.

Love Well was always designed as a family business, and we believe you are very much a part of our Love Well family. Thank you for choosing to join us for the ride with your loving support, kind words and purchases over the years - we are grateful.

As we’ve spent time reflecting back over three and a half years, we feel just as inspired by our original vision as we did the day we launched.  1. Being committed to the handmade craft - using quality, ethically-sourced materials to make products you and your family will love.  2. Creating a generosity inspired movement bigger than our family of four at the time (now six!) could do on our own, by connecting like-minded customers with an inspiring charity to advance good in the world - loving well.

So sometime in the last year we began discussions about these roots and wanted to double-down on and forge a meaningful path forward for the next season of Love Well.  We remained committed to our original core values - while admitting a few things needed to change.

We aren’t the types that typically run away from change. In fact, we are both really drawn to it - the idea of staying the same doesn’t appeal to either one of us. But ironically as we look back over three years, I think we’ve been afraid to change in many ways. When you find some success and live in the grind of e-commerce and collections and deadlines, product launches, and promotions it’s easy to lose track of the “why” that should be driving the “what.” And as much as it pains me to even say it in writing, we landed in the mindset of "that’s how we’ve always done it..." But who is setting those rules if it isn’t us? Why should we be confined to some box, or a specific pathway of doing things? Change is beautiful and necessary as we become the people and create the impact we aspire to see.

Today we are excited to share the first of many exciting things to come, beginning with the heart of Love Well: giving back.

Love Well Collaboration New Story Charity

We are honored to announce a partnership with New Story - a young and vibrant US-based charity committed to building homes for families who live in the slums of some of the world’s most poor and underserved countries. New Story is completely transparent in their giving programs, with 100% of donations going to build houses. 


We’ve had the pleasure of connecting with Matthew Marshall, one of the Co-Founders of New Story. He is so genuine, smart and passionate about changing the course of life for thousands of displaced families in the world. The New Story secret sauce is how they collaborate to train and mobilize local talent, materials and labor in-country to build homes in a very efficient manner - costing just $6,000 on average to complete a home! This price is inclusive of a deeded piece of property for the family, materials and labor! Imagine the far-reaching, lasting impact a home makes in the livelihood of one family, and think that this impact can be made for just $6,000 one-time. It’s incredibly exciting.

With such a powerful cause, we are also committing to more transparency in how you make a difference with every purchase by simplifying and expanding how ever purchase impacts.  We call it the Love Well Give5 Promise.

$5 from every LOVE product + 5% of all other purchases gives back, building homes for families in need worldwide.

What's a LOVE product? So glad you asked :) The first of our LOVE product line is the simple, yet meaningful LOVE tee - launching this Friday.  Printed on super soft tri-blend cotton and hand-screen printed right here in Oklahoma City, the LOVE tee is near and dear to our hearts.  By giving back $5 of every Love tee purchased, we are excited to see how impact can happen more quickly, as each tee holds even more possibilities to make a difference for others.

The Love Tee by Love Well Handmade

While the LOVE tee itself is new, it also feels very much like something that has been part of us all along the journey. Love is universal, its shown and felt across every culture and language.  When we soft launched the design this past weekend at the Plaza District Festival, it became our bestselling item we've ever experienced in one day - ever. So its exciting to see how the shirt, story and impact are resonating with others too.

The LOVE tee offers also one more surprise - it's available in adult sizes too! We've been waiting for the right product to come along to expand our size offering, and the time is now. Starting this Friday, you can purchase both baby/kid sizes alongside adult sizes too - we're so excited to share these with you.

With our new charity partnership, we have built a dedicated page on our website to chart progress at Visit it today to get a feel for the incredible work New Story does around the world and how your purchases at Love Well will give back. The video featured on this page is just two minutes long, but resonates and shares the story of what New Story does so well.

This page will also morph to become the place we share progress toward our first ever Love Well charity goal: to build one home by the end of this year! Please save the date, as this December we would love your help as we launch a Love Well x New Story month-long campaign to open the funding opportunity beyond buying products, but also inviting the entire Love Well family to consider making a one-time charitable gift to support a family in need through New Story at year-end.  It’s really going to be an exciting and meaningful experience - we can’t wait!  

Thank you dearly for your support and love as we roll out these meaningful changes. We hope you see and feel the benefit as to how your support creates change for good. We are so thankful you are along with us.

Much love,

Candice & Jon

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