How it all started.

Here's an e-mail we sent to our friends and family to share our hearts when kicking off Love Well back in the summer of 2013. As so many things have changed and grown over three years its fun to look back and see how aligned we still feel with the purpose and heart behind it all. We enjoyed looking back, hope you do too.

Hi friends and family,

Hope this note finds you well. We've been up to something over the last few months... and are finally ready to tell the rest of the world. This Friday we are officially launching a handmade clothing boutique for little ones – Love Well Handmade ( We know what you're thinking already. Sure, we're probably a little crazy - but actually it makes total sense... or at least we think so :) Let us explain.

Over the first months of Linc and Viv's life we kept catching ourselves talking about how can we do our part to instill faith, values, and a broad worldview into their little lives. When you distill it down even further - we landed on the underlying concept of simply loving well. I know it resonated with us - and such became the basis on which we formed Love Well.

Our goal with launching is that we can use Love Well to be a catalyst to share this concept with Linc and Viv and to make the world a better place in a much bigger way than we could ever do on our own. We've committed to giving back 5% of sales to selected charities. Beyond that, we want to tangibly share the impact these contributions are making with our customers... since in essence they are the ones that will be truly making the difference. We hope this will create a fuller picture of engaging more in actively giving along the way.

So how are we making clothes exactly? We've taken Jon's design and paired it with Candice's love for sewing to create an original lineup of custom organic fabrics which create a great canvas for cuddly baby leggings, shorts, bloomers, blankets and more.

If you've made it this far in the e-mail, thank you. We'd love to ask for your help and support in spreading the love in a few ways:

If you've made it this far in the e-mail you are a true saint... and we are grateful.

We are excited for this next adventure... and so thankful to have your support along the way. We'd love to hear from you - and let us know your thoughts, suggestions, any typos you find or ideas for spreading the word.

Much love
Jon, Candice, Linc and Viv

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