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Travis is the type of guy that exudes passion for life, love for others and a crazy bent to live a life of adventure. I remember hearing stories of his life of risk-taking-goodness before I even met him. Travis would set out on foot with no cash in his pocket, no cell phone, just the clothes on his back for days on end. Why? Just to understand what it's like to live life without anything and connect and encourage those be met along the way. So it was no surprise to us a few years after college that he walked away from his corporate job to start an organization that would fill a need in the worldwide battle to provide clean water to marginalized people worldwide.  Enter Second Mile Water.

When talking through ideas of organizations we'd love to partner with, 2MW was one of the top on our list.  One because we both believe clean water is truly one of the world's most devastating problems that we believe our generation can reverse.  But even more importantly, we've seen the heart and tenacity of Travis - and when he sets out to do something, he puts it all on the line. So, without further ado...

Love Well is excited to announce Second Mile Water (2MW) as our first organizational partner for 2013. 20% of the 2MW product proceeds is given directly to further their cause and provide sustainable sources for clean water in struggling communities worldwide. Here's a little more about this inspiring organization, we hope you feel inspired - I know we do.


We strive to make a real, permanent difference in the lives of those who were born into a world without access to clean water.


Each one of us looks upon the same sky. We all breathe the same air.

We all have the same deep, intrinsic value. Each of us lives our human experience, and we all struggle, but in different ways - and no one chooses the situation they are born into. Nearly 1 billion people on the planet today happened to be born into a life without access to clean water. We want to change this.

How? It's a simple concept: we provide communities in the developing world the opportunity to access to clean, safe drinking water, and we make sure it's forever.

We do this by banding together with people right here who are seeking living a better story with their lives and becoming a part of the bigger adventure embodied by Second Mile Water.

How is 2MW different?

Our innovative programs ensure that the people we work with continue to have access to clean water, not just on banner day when water starts flowing. And, what's more, we'll show it through Second Mile Connect - which is revolutionary.

We're reinventing what it looks like to do this kind of work - we aren’t interested in simply going the first mile to see people gain access to clean water. We don’t go village-to-village, region-to-region sinking boreholes and taking photos like we’ve just solved a problem – we go the Second Mile to ensure there is continued access to clean water and proper sanitation.

We're changing the world, reaching to live a better story one person and one community at a time. Join us in the adventure!

Get involved, or learn more. www.secondmilewater.org  /  www.facebook.com/secondmilewater

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